4 blunders to avoid when erecting a flagpole today

People and businesses around the world today for patriotic reasons buy flags for their compounds. With the trait becoming a habit in the United States, knowing the right installation details for a flagpole is more than necessary. There are flagpole vendors online that customers can reach out to in deciding the right flagpole they need for their flags. It is easy to go astray when you are buying a titan telescoping flagpole for the first time but to be safe, here is a list of blunders to avoid.

Poor choice of flagpole location

Just like how you cannot place windsock amid many trees, flagpoles’ erection works the same way. To successfully erect your flagpole you need to assess the location to place it. This entails looking out for areas that have no trees, power lines, and other building structures. Aside from aerial obstructions, the base area must also be clear to allow for the solid erection of the pole to the ground. The pole should also fit correctly without shifting otherwise it could easily damage the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Purchasing the wrong pole

When savvy to these processes, you might be confused on which poles to buy considering the wide assortment of options provided by vendors online and near you. After determining whether you want to erect your pole either in-ground or on the roof, you can go ahead to choose the best befitting pole for the same. For in-ground flagpoles, you need to consider several factors like size, durability, materials used to make it and other useful flagpole features one must scrutinize before making their purchase. The wrong type of flagpole will jeopardize the durability of the project that you are working on and that is a mistake you ought to avoid well in advance.

Erecting in a wobbly base

Flags are made to be long-lasting and survive diverse weather conditions, however, if you cannot create the right base for the same, durability can be lost. Depending on the height of your pole, consider digging a befitting ground hole and using the right fillers to give the pole the right support or base. The pole will topple over if you fail to use cement, rocks, and other strong fillers to erect the flagpole into position. You are advised to dig a hole that is four times the size of the pole diameter when looking to install one.

Forgetting some parts of the flagpole

When ordering your flagpole, you will find the package being sold in different pieces. When installing the flagpole, you have to ensure you have the instructions manual on how to install every part of the pole. Make sure that the different parts in the instructions manual are all availed before you commence the erection process. Missing any part when connecting your flagpole is a waste of energy on your end as the project will not hold up. Follow each assembling guideline to ensure you do not miss any part or details in your flagpole erection.

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