All about Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that eliminates the need for annoying devices and cables that are usually needed to connect computers, digital cameras, handheld devices, mobile phones, and various new digital devices. In short, Bluetooth facilitates communication without cables.

Here are some of the main features of Bluetooth technology.

It uses radio waves to communicate in a 2.4 GHz spectrum.

It supports multi-point communication and not just the variety of points.

It usually works within a radius of 10-15 meters and offers a maximum speed of 2 GHz.

Bluetooth chipsets are less expensive but more expensive than IrDA.

Bluetooth technology, which even cheap mobile phones today boast, supports data speeds up to 720 KPB and three voice channels. The chip could be built on the cheap mobile phone or can be attached separately. In a computer, it can be attached to the USB port. Each Bluetooth device includes a 48-bit address according to IEEE 802. Unlike the infrared system, Bluetooth devices do not require line placement between the connection units. Technology is a modified form of current wireless network technology and therefore more acceptable because of the relatively small size and minimum cost.

A Bluetooth device is protected from any external interference because it changes its frequency up to 1,600 times each second. Its radio technology provides a bridge between existing data networks. In addition, technology guarantees bit security in expensive and cheap mobile phones because authentication is controlled by the end user via a 128-bit key. An interesting facet of technology is that it immediately builds a network each time multiple devices, including laptops and cheap mobile phones come within reach. For example, several Bluetooth devices like a mobile phone, a digital camera, a laptop, a printer, etc. can form a network. In this way, we can send emails between the phone and the laptop without physical connection between the two. Even a print request can be sent remotely to the printer.

Bluetooth technology is an easy choice of communication with a short and wireless range. This is a globally accepted standard for connecting devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, stereo headphones, computers and even cheap mobile phones. Technology does not require the installation of drivers. The main advantages of this wireless technology are its robustness, integrated security and ad hoc networking capabilities.

Technology is available worldwide. Many manufacturers from different countries integrate technology into their products. The best part is that technology is available for free. Today, mobile telephony companies include technology even in a cheap mobile phone. This has allowed the technology to reach even the common man. In addition, weak costs, low power consumption and wireless function have made the technology very popular.

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