Jairo Rhea

3 Ways Overtime Compensation Can Affect Employee Benefits

The Department of Labor’s final rule on exempt versus non-exempt employees, implemented in 2020, increased the income threshold for classifying employees as exempt from FLSA overtime pay mandates. Some 18 months later, there are companies still trying to adjust to the new rule. Some have discovered that the change even …

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Never Miss a Beat When it Comes to Dealing With Crypto Trading

There will always be a time when you would come across a deal that you cannot find twice to you ever again. These once-in-a-lifetime moments can make or break most situations where you can create a significant spark in your life. Although there will be more moments where you might …

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Influence Of List Of Telecommunications Companies In Singapore Globally

Telecommunication is a group of telecommunication that offers an extensive range of services that is used for interchanging information through electronic technologies such as satellites, fibre optics, television broadcasting, microwave, and the internet. Today, there is a list of telecommunications companies in singapore that are considered international telecommunication focal points …

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