Bluetooth phone – technology at its peak

The cellphone has become a necessity than luxury. To attract the attention of most mobile users, well-known manufacturers adapted the latest technology available and included them on the coming gadget. The latest technology that has changed the entire scenario is Bluetooth. This is a fewer wire connectivity technology that is perfect for short distance communication. Bluetooth mobile phones are the most demanding products in the mobile market. Almost all mobile manufacturing has added this technology into their account.

Initially it was a problem for users to transfer or exchange multimedia to cellphones. But with Bluetooth cellphone this problem has been resolved. This technology is able to transfer files from one handset to another Bluetooth allows handsets without a physical connection. This is pure wireless technology that supports short distance connections.

Many ordinary people pay heavy download fees when they download files on their handsets from network service providers. But Bluetooth mobile phones allow downloading files for free. This feature is inbuilt on mobile and is not provided by a network service provider and is therefore free of charge. People feel troublesome while connecting their cellphone to their computer via a USB data cable to download the file. But once again Bluetooth technology has a solution to this problem. There is a Bluetooth dongle device available for computers that form a virtual bridge connection between computers and cellphones and then users can access the memory of the cellphone on the computer screen.

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