Easy buying office supplies

If you’d like to get some office supplies, you’re probably wondering, how to do it in the easiest and fastest way. Well, it depends on your preferences and below, we’d like to make a comparison of biggest pros and cons of shopping online and in stationery shop.

1. Time

In this case, shopping online definitely wins. Firstly, you don’t have to get to the shop, which saves you the journey (and that might be quite a long period of time, especially if you’re living out of town or just far from the nearest Staples shop), and secondly – looking for the needed office supplies on the internet page (https://www.staples.se/) is way faster than searching for them on the store shelves. What is more, in the online shop you don’t have to worry about the shopping queues, which might be pretty long as well.

2. Easiness of shopping

Frankly, this point is slightly subjective, because while some people will find online shops really easy to use, others who don’t use computers so often might think it’s just a nightmare. The fact is, that modern online stores offer lots of amenities, which might be really helpful, if you know how to use them. For people, who don’t really like online shopping – probably the choice will fall on stationery stores.

If you work at unusual hours, it might be easier to use online store though. As it’s opened at any hour and day of the week you need it – you might get all the required workplace equipment whenever you find time to do it.

3. Prices

When it comes to Staples, you won’t find many differences, so at this point it’s completely up to you, which shop you choose. While there might be some distinctions, they aren’t big and you might not even notice them. That being said, there are some shops, that make their prices extremely high – both online and stationery points. It is believed, that online shops tend to be cheaper, but that’s not a general rule. Before you place an order or go to the cash desk, better check the price cards carefully.

4. Help from the staff

To be honest, there aren’t many differences at this point, except for communication channel. While at the stationery shop, you just talk to the workers in person (which some people will think of as an advantage, and others – just the opposite), online stores offer you many ways of communicating with the staff – via e-mail, various forms of online communicators, social media pages or just a phone. In both online and stationery shop, you will get equally good help from the people who work in it.

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