Government Grant: The Development Of SMB’s

Small and medium businesses or enterprises are an integral part of the economy of a country. The Singapore government realized the same thing that these businesses are the heart of the economy. It covers approximately two-thirds of the working class and contributes nearly half to the Gross Domestic Product. So, on deciding to transform the sector digitally, government grant and assistance schemes have come up to help with the process to generate more revenues.

Companies in collaboration with the Singapore government have come up with solutions to help these businesses enter the digital world securely.

Benefits On Joining Hands:

  • Quality Solutions: On subscribing to a suite of solutions, companies help the business by ensuring continuity and will help solve all problems.
  • Management: Get your Business to be professionally managed by a team of experts.
  • Bumper Savings: Up to 80% government grant subsidy on signing the packages.

The program SME Go digital aims to help these businesses grown and build a better digital presence for better growth and more opportunities. The world is moving towards digitization and a digital economy. Thus, it is integral that the people who form the majority of the county be up to speed with this new change.

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