How to cook a perfectly grilled pot

Baked pots are a throw back from the last generation where night dinner at Grandma’s house is a weekly tradition. At present many new chefs are intimidated by grilled pots and have not even tried to cook roast pots. Baked pot dinner is actually a low-cost nutritious way to serve easy to repair hot food.

The grilled meat pot is usually a piece of beef known as the bakar butt which is part of the foot of the dairy ship or burning chuck which is part of the shoulder steer. Grilled meat pots are usually cheaper per pound than meat such as tip tenderloin or sirloin which makes it an ideal choice for many families.

Because of the good meat of marble in grilled fat pots and connective tissue makes food and moist food surprisingly. Baked pots must be slowly cooked by moist methods such as boil or in combat pan until the meat is done well. With a slow cooking pot to bake this cheap meat pieces is transformed into a rich and soft meat pieces. The delicious texture of poast pots cooked slowly blends with cooked carrots, onions, and potatoes that allow almost easy food.

This is a simple baked pot recipe that will surely please your budget and your taste.

In a picked pot or other slow stove

1 never roast or burn chuck

1 Bay Leaf.

½ onion, sliced ​​with large cuts

1 large carrot, sliced ​​with large pieces

12 pepic

1 tsp salt

Enough water or broth both chicken or vegetables to cover half the road above the roast

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