How To Get Rid Of The Pool Algae

Getting your water-free and clean from the algae will require a little bit of consistent effort. To maintain your swimming pool hire swimming pool services, or you must keep your regular care in check. The best way is to shock the water and algae and maintain the level of pH and chlorine. You would have to be consistent with the process until all the algae die and stop from regrowing.

1 – Check Your Water Chemistry And The Ideal Range.

Check for the chlorine, pH level, and stabilizer if added. Sometimes the stabilizer acts as a buffer to stop UV lights from consuming chlorine from the water in the pool. Therefore, if the chlorine level comes low, go ahead and check the stabilizer levels.

2 – Fix The Level

First and foremost is to fix the chlorine level in your water to get in the ideal range. Keep adding chlorine until it reaches the desired level for your pool. If the UV light is causing low chlorine, you can add heaps of it, and the chlorine would not maintain the level. Add more stabilizers if this is what is happening to your pool.

3 – Shock Your Pool Water at right time

When treating the water with chlorine, make sure you wear protective gear to save your eyes and hands from burning. Adding the chlorine when the sun goes down is an appropriate way to maintain chlorine level all night before the sun comes up.

4 – Add Algaecide When Giving Shock With Chlorine.

One effective and faster way to get rid of algae from the pool water is to add an algaecide additive along with the chlorine shock. Adding algaecide will help the process become faster, killing all the algae in one go.

5 – Brush The Brains Out Of Your Pool

Clean every surface in your pool with algae brush to get rid of the algae. You do not need to drain the water to do this step. You will have to put your muscles to work by brushing everywhere inside the pool. Brush wherever you see algae and the rest of the surfaces, including ladders and steps. As you see, the water clearing up, you might have to vacuum the algae.

6 – Check And Clean Your Filters

Frequently monitor how your filter pressure is doing and clean them as required. When getting rid of algae, you might have to clean the filters every couple of hours to get rid of all the mess. It is crucial to follow this step, or the dead algae will make your filters clogged up.

7 – Pump On High

Clear your pool water using a water pump at high-speed nonstop. Run your swimming pool pump at high speed to get the water moving. Do not let the water sit for even a few hours while cleaning algae, or the algae will bounce back. Even a 24 hour run of the water pump is fine.


Cleaning green mess from your swimming pool can be exhausting and will require significant efforts. Therefore, making sure to keep your regular cleaning of the pool consistent is the key. You can clean your algae-ridden swimming pool in 24 hours at a minimum.

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