How To Increase Retention Of Your Videos With High Retention Views

How do you make sure the content you post on a social media platform like YouTube gets noticed by a vast range of audiences? Most of the time when creators want their views to increase, they share the post to everyone in their contacts. But how do they know if the people are watching the whole content or just skipping ahead? The keeping of the audience to see the video even after hitting the start button is usually referred to as audience retention. There are websites like lenostube that offer a desirable screen hour for channels on YouTube.

Audience retention and YouTube

YouTube offers its users a chance to glance through the audience retention reports of their videos. Even though the average retention rate on YouTube is found somewhere between 40% to 60%, it can be increased. There are a few methods that can be employed to increase the retention of your videos.

Little by little

 A huge mistake that creators often make is that they give a full insight into the whole video right at first. Giving out the full details in the first few minutes eliminates the element of surprise which is supposed to keep the viewers glued to their screens. Only give little sneak peeks into the content at a time. The surprise effect will stir the eagerness of the audience and make them watch the whole video, thus retaining the audience.

Consistency and quality

The quality of content has a great role to play in retaining the viewership. People will finish the video only if it is engaging. The consistency of a page is also a key factor. If the page is not active at all, then the audience will lose interest. So, it is crucial to post quality content consistently to engage more people.

These are just tips to increase retention. You can always get help from sites like lenostube to retain your content with a high audience retention rate.

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