Is health and mental health related?

People currently spend a lot of time in the gym, run or do other exercises to improve their physical health and get a good figure. Even though maintaining your physical health is all good and good, many people tend to ignore the benefits and importance of mental health and even how two people live side by side.

Of course, the difference between mental and physical welfare is relatively clear and easy, but their similarity and how they are connected may be a little more difficult to understand.

Mental health and state of a healthy mind, in fact, as important as your overall health to function, correct diet and do “cardio” and really affect how well everything maintains your physical health. In general, in 2009 the research team in the UK concluded that mental fatigue led to the body became faster (mental and physical health). Why? The answer is simple but multifaceted:

First, mental fatigue inhibits the ability of the mind to motivate itself and push through physically draining tasks. It happens, if you are in a healthy mental condition, and you go run, your mind will be ready to push your body further and harder, past the early signs of fatigue. On the other side of the coin, if you are tired of mentally, frustrated or disturbed, your mind, chemically (due to a decrease in Dopa mine), will not be able to find the motivation to push your body, leading to a shorter, less productive exercise.

Second, we can see similar aspects of this problem from an apathetic perspective, which often arises when someone is not in healthy mental well-being. Take examples of people who are emotionally depressed, asked about something that is not too important for them. Their answer to questions like: “What do you think about this?” Or “What should we do in this situation?” Most likely it will happen: “I don’t care” or “no problem”. Likewise with our first point above, ignorance caused by a person’s mental state, which I believe we all feel, directly affect their physical state when questions become internalized: “Should I work out today?”, “Should I cook Himself is something healthy? ” Or “the part looks a little too big for me.”

That is said, it is easy to understand how, while physical and mental health is not identical, they, without doubt, very intertwined and very dependent on each other. While physical health can be seen as a chemical or biological condition of the human body, it determines how well your body moves, reacts to stimuli and how well you focus on things. Thus, with poor physical health, your mental health will suffer. Likewise, mental health may look unrelated and not as important as, because it is intangible and more difficult to regulate, but mental health has a direct effect on the body’s ability to deal with difficult physical tasks (the heart does any physical exercise) and also many exercises) Affect someone’s ability to motivate yourself to do anything.

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