Top 5 Most Unforgettable Work Uniforms in History

Work uniforms are something we take for granted. Unless a uniform is so outlandish as to demand unnecessary attention, we go about our business without giving them a second thought. For example, no one thinks twice about a firefighter’s uniform.

On the other hand, there are some truly memorable work uniforms that we all recognize. Some of them are still being worn today. Others have long since been retired. The one thing they all have in common is the public awareness attached to them.

Below are the top five most unforgettable work uniforms in history. Each one is unforgettable for its own reasons. According to Salt Lake City-based Alsco, the fact that they are so unforgettable makes them brilliant from a branding standpoint.

1. The Queen’s Guard (England)

Perhaps the most visible work uniform in the world is the one worn by the Queen’s Guard in England. You have seen them even if you’ve never been to the UK. Members of the guard wear bright red coats that fall just below the waist. They are adorned with white belts and a set of ten buttons down the front. Black pants and tall bearskin hats complete the picture.

There are rumors that the uniforms might soon be going by the wayside. That would be unfortunate; the uniforms are iconic UK fashion. If nothing else, they are the branding arm of the UK monarch.

2. The Vatican Guard

As long as we are talking military uniforms, those worn by the Vatican Guard are equally recognizable. They look very Renaissance in nature, especially the pantaloons. The uniforms are also known for bright colors – yellow, blue, and red – presented in vertical stripes. Anyone who knows anything about the Vatican can spot them a mile away. They may not necessarily look intimidating, but the uniforms sure are memorable.

3. U.S. Postal Service (1971-1991)

The U.S. Postal Service was known as The Post Office Department until 1970. Upon renaming the organization, officials also rebranded. They came up with the iconic mail carrier’s uniform worn from 1971 to 1991. During that 20-year span, the uniform underwent only slight modifications. Colors, cuts, and styles remain pretty steady for the term. For many of us, what we remember from 50 years ago is still the consummate postal uniform.

4. Storm Troopers (Star Wars Universe)

Although this next uniform is only fictional, the entire world still understands it. And in fact, there are thousands of people who belong to Star Wars reenactment groups and own the classic Storm Troopers uniform. You know what it looks like. Full white armor from head to toe. Iconic helmets that look like nothing on earth. The fact is that you know a Storm Trooper when you see one. Moreover, you associate it with the Star Wars brand.

5. Hooters Server Uniforms

Hooters has taken a lot of flak for its server uniforms over the years. Whether you agree with the flak or not, the one thing that can be unequivocally said about the uniforms is that they are memorable. They feature short shorts and tight tank tops along with white sneakers and socks. Orange and white are the two predominant colors, but some Hooters restaurants dress their servers in black. Love them or hate them, Hooters uniforms are both memorable and easily recognized.

In every case, the aforementioned uniforms stick out because they are so unusual. Perhaps that wasn’t the point of the U.S. postal uniforms, but it certainly was in the other four cases. The designers of all five uniforms discussed in this post certainly did their jobs.

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