What is a Standard Booth Size?

Getting ready for that presentation you know can change your career, and entire life is quite overwhelming. It is not just about the new products that you recently created. It is also about how you go about your presentation.

And there are a lot of factors that go into preparing for that presentation; one of these factors is the size of your booth and design. Should you go for a 20×20 booth or a 10×20. What design will add the most to your presentation? Here are some options you have.

Different Booth Layouts

When choosing a booth design and size for your next exhibition, you only need to know the different layout options you have. Check them out below;

Linear Booth

A linear booth, also known as an in-line booth, is surrounded on both sides and the back. Most booths with these designs are usually 10×10 because of the many restrictions, especially the limited space. However, you will also find other sizes with this design.

Typically, you can’t have an exhibition exceeding 8 ft in height or put-up hanging signs with this type of booth. The front side of the booth is also restricted to no more than 4 ft. They make a good option for first-time exhibitors.

Corner Booth

You can see this as a linear booth but exposed on two sides. This is also popular with 10×10 booths and works well with just about any other size. Except for the two open sides, the corner booth applies the same principles as those of the linear booth layout.

Peninsula Exhibit Booth

Unlike Corner and Linear booths which are mostly 10×10 in size, this exhibit area has to be at least 20×20 or bigger. It is also open to isles on three of its sides. Restrictions here depend on the other neighboring booths.

For example, if you set it up behind a corner or linear booth, you will be restricted to 4 ft of height and 5 ft of each side/aisle. Besides the neighboring booths, the peninsula has the least limitations. It is also one of the most popular booth layouts.

Island Booth Exhibit

This booth exhibit is open to an aisle on all four sides. It is also set up on a larger size of at least 20×20 and/ or more. They don’t have a lot of restrictions. They have at least 16 ft maximum height, which often allows hanging displays. While it is one of the most used types of booths (for obvious reasons), it is also one of the most expensive.

Split Island Booth

Split Island is described as a Peninsula booth. This time, the peninsula shares the back with another peninsula of the same size. The setup is more extensive and has few limitations, making it popular.

There is no one standard booth size. It all comes down to different factors such as your requirements, preferences, and budget.

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