What Is Chocolate Enrobing? All You Need To Know!

Simply put, enrobing is the process of coating a product with chocolate or similar products, such as caramel and icing sugar. Traditionally, making such products that were coated with chocolate would mean taking the pieces and individually dipping them by hand into melted chocolate. As the market for chocolate-coated products continues to expand, making chocolates using traditional means is not viable anymore, and that’s where something like a chocolate enrobing machine can be handy. Enrobing machines are designed to automate and accelerate the process, and it can be done using other forms of compound coating too, such as a mix of cocoa and sugar. In this post, we are discussing more on the process and buying a chocolate enrober.

The need for chocolate enrobing

There are certain products that require an extra level of chocolate coating. Think of biscuits, coated nuts and ice creams for example. Waffles and other confectionaries are also made in a similar way. The purpose of a chocolate enrobing machine is to ensure that the chocolate remains in a melted condition and at the right temperature. Given that the range of products in this category of confections has increased massively, it only makes sense to go for the right enrober that can ease the job and make chocolate and confectionary manufacturing a smooth process.

Selecting chocolate enrobers

Manufacturers that offer a wide range of chocolate enrobers, each designed to meet specific production needs. You can always review a product’s capabilities before selecting chocolate enrobers, and the idea is to select one that meets current and future demands of production. When it comes to selecting a chocolate enrobing machine, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, make sure that the product doesn’t consume a lot of energy, which will add to the production costs. Secondly, the enrober should suffice the needs of your current & future production needs, and should be affordable. Find a company that offers some sort of warranty on the product, and more importantly, they should offer support for their list of enrobers

Final word

Chocolate enrobing is one of the key aspects of confectionary production, and there is practically endless range of products that can be produced with this kind of process. You can check for features, usability and capabilities in detail and get estimates before placing an order for the right enrober. Quality and efficiency matter over everything else.

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