Why you should prioritize DVI


We live in an age of technological advancements, and as a professional, you have to learn to evolve with the times in any field. Not only will you be stuck in yesteryear, but you could also continually watch your competitions in the industry leapfrog you a lot while you remain stuck in the archaic.

As an auto technician who still lives in the age of paper and manual checks, you could be doing your beloved brand and clientele a great disservice. And no one wants this, not you, not your lovely customers. Perhaps it’s time to change, just hang in there and keep reading up on this. This article will walk you through the achievable digitization of digitizing your auto workshop.

Digital Vehicle Inspections

If we are being honest, DVIs are an exciting addition to the automobile world in that these methods of car inspection have taken the game to an otherworldly level.

Indeed, it is an otherworldly level because it would have seemed like a pipe dream many hundred years ago if you told anyone a machine would diagnose a car.

Yet today, many are making the most of this “pipe dream,” perhaps except you, and quite sadly so, but all that is about to change because this article will enlighten you and your company about this beauty you’ve been missing out on.

DVIs help you get a lot of things right about your business, but most importantly, it helps make your business more productive and gives you the room to attend to more customers daily! Crazy right?

Why you should prioritize DVIs

It helps eradicate the rule of the thumb approach to things. With the precision of the DVI, you are certain of what you want to do, and you precisely head on to it with the client’s approval.

DVIs give you pictorial and video evidence of the problem of the vehicle’s problem, and in real-time, you share these with the client. There you go, precision. This is what you get when you employ automobile shop management software.

The chances and unproductiveness of lollygagging about what the problem might be, are essentially eradicated.

DVIs could help you reduce inaccuracy while improving the number of your clientele, if at the moment, with all of your wit and nous, you can work with about ten customers weekly.

If you imbibe DVI and other types of digital techniques of the automobile industry, you stand a chance to work with double the number you presently do and effectively too. It’s not rocket science because, with such techniques as repair orders, estimates, and the like, you tend to work on people’s vehicles with much more efficiency and precision.

DVIs would also allow you an insight into the precise amount of time needed to work on a certain job. And by doing this, you can statistically garner data on your company’s progress over time.

Still, on statistics with DVIs, you have a record of all your client’s car history, making it easy for you to be their go-to person if they ever need to get a resale value of their vehicles.


These are some things you stand to gain if you take a leap out of the archaic and join the wave. Mind you, the digitization of your company isn’t exclusive to DVIs. Therefore you still have a wide array of benefits looming.

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