Four Fun Activities To Spice Up Your Company’s Office Space

Team building activities can be a great way to keep your employees happy and productive while also making the office feel less like work and more like playtime!

Here is a list of four Team Building Activities Singapore that you might want to try out to liven up your workplace:

  • Hide & Seek 

This game is so simple, but it’s one of the most fun ways for people who don’t know each other well or bond over something silly.

One person hides somewhere in the room (or outside), then everyone else will count down from ten before coming to look for them.

The person hiding has an advantage because they’re closer to their goal, meaning they’re more likely to be found before they are caught and have to go back and hide again.

  • Creative Team Building Activities 

Brainstorming is an essential part of office life, but it can get repetitive if you always do the same thing in a conference room or around your desk.

Try coming up with creative ways for teams to brainstorm together, like doing one big brain dump on a whiteboard or writing down ideas on leaves that people then find and read aloud.

  • Laughing At Work 

It might seem counterintuitive, but laughter has been shown time after time to boost productivity levels as well as creativity.

You don’t even need much: just put some funny videos on at work during breaks! Or try playing jokes by dragging someone’s stapler to the top of a high shelf.

  • Gaming Team Building Activities 

If you’re looking for something new or want more variety than strategy games, they are great options because they challenge players’ problem-solving skills and team dynamics.

Even board games can be fun if played on teams, so everyone gets involved equally. You’ll need enough tables and chairs for everyone who wants to play too!

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