Monthly Archives: August 2022

Shopping Around For Supplies To Help Your Business Save Money

With the rising cost of living that we are currently experiencing; many people and companies are doing everything they can to reduce the money they spend. Companies can often save significantly on the products they purchase regularly, but they often choose the easy approach, which costs them more money. Shopping …

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Don’t Give Up On a Business Loan If You Have Poor Credit.

If you are currently in business or you’re thinking of setting up a brand-new one, it’s likely that you don’t have all of the cash needed to go forward and to either start your business or to expand your business. There is nothing more irritating than a business owner knowing …

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Should Employers Be Looking for Ways Around the Dobbs Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision on the constitutionality of abortion, a decision often referred to as the Dobbs decision, has created a sticky situation for employers who want to offer some measure of abortion benefits in states where the procedure is now illegal. Some employers are now asking …

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