How to cook a delicious steak

Anyone can eat steak, but it takes a little skill and practice to cook meat perfectly. The following tips will help you learn how to prepare and cook meat perfectly.

Exceptional steak starts with a piece of meat quality. The problem for many beginners when they go to supermarkets or local butchers is the choice of meat right bad. There are various meats and choices that can be confusing. If you have a butcher near you, you have to get your meat in front of the supermarket. Beef supermarket sitting on the platform for God knows how long, while the meat is cut freshness.

When you put meat in microwave disbursement and success will damage the meat. Microwave meat is never a good idea, please plan ahead and always have meat around 24 hours before eating. In this way, you know that icing without an angle, and can be cooked accordingly.

Baking at the appropriate temperature ensures even cooking; Being generally recommended. If the temperature is too high, beef can be char and is cooked outside before the inside of the desired maturity. Carring beef is not recommended.

In general, there are three different categories of beef in the United States: first class, choice and select class. Prime is the top scale of the assessment and only a very small percentage of beef produced in this country. The quality of beef is usually provided for choice and select the network value available for current consumers in supermarkets and butchers. So when you go to the butcher or supermarket, make sure to choose the best quality you can find. If there is no label on the package, make sure to ask for help.

Before the fire, if the hole under the network open. For more fire, the use of high-quality coal. To determine the number of briquettes needed, spread the brick layer on the API, the performance table extends to one or two inches outside the food area covered in a baked dish. Then, place briquettes in the pyramid. Add lighter and lighter liquids carefully. In about 30 minutes, coal ash must be borne. Carefully distributed in one layer with a long clamp and cooking the network.

Make sure the barbecue is not activated until departure, then place the meat directly on the grill. Close the lid and cook meat for a while. No need to worry about burns, the top can stop the flame. Cook two thick 1 inch steaks, no more than 6 minutes per side. For thick 2 inch steaks, try 8 minutes on each side. If you follow this instruction and leave the grill cover starts smoking when it’s time to turn the meat. We recommend you also get a timer and use it.

The best way to determine the expertise of meat and burgers is to use an instant reading thermometer. This is recorded in seconds, but if heat resistance is not in food during cooking. Enter the thermometer horizontally into the middle of the steak and burger to check the internal temperature.

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