Microsoft Partner Center – How To Choose The Best Partner For Your Business

Microsoft have recently announced that they have introduced the MS Office Online feature to all their existing customers. The move has been welcomed by both businesses and consumers alike, as the introduction of MS Office Online gives customers more choices and enables them to take their MS Office wherever they go.

Microsoft solution provider has also announced that, from today, MS Outlook will be integrated with the new MS Office Online feature. This will give Outlook users access to the same powerful Microsoft Office features as they can already use from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.

With this new release, Microsoft is also encouraging their SMB clients to utilize third-party Microsoft Office tools such as MS Power Point, MS Word and MS Excel. These tools will provide Microsoft Office customers with a range of additional benefits, including the ability to share documents between multiple devices.

In addition to the ability to email attachments, they will also be able to save documents to electronic storage services and publish them to the web using any of the web services like Google Docs, Sharepoint and Lotus Notes. The availability of Microsoft Office Online and the integration of Microsoft outlook will enable organizations and individuals to gain access to these powerful tools wherever they are, which will in turn benefit the organization in terms of efficiency and cost reduction, as well as the ability to increase productivity.

Organizations will also gain several other benefits when using Microsoft Office Online, which includes improved productivity, greater flexibility and increased business revenues. Businesses will also gain a greater choice of third-party MS Office products, which will ensure that the software that is being used is the most up-to-date version available.

Consumers will also enjoy several different benefits when purchasing Microsoft Office Online subscriptions over the traditional Microsoft Office Store, with the most notable one being the availability of third-party apps. Consumers will also be able to choose and pay for their subscriptions according to their preferences, with a greater selection of third-party apps in the online version.

To ensure that there is maximum benefit derived from the increased efficiency and reduced costs that will come through the use of Microsoft Office Online, it is essential that the organization finds and retains the right Microsoft managed partner. There are two main ways in which organizations can locate and select partners that will provide them with Microsoft Office online as a service and the first step is to identify the existing Microsoft partners that currently provide these services.

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