The Working Mechanism Of White Label SEO

White label SEO is a combination of the idea of seo and white labelling. If explained in short it’s an idea which is mainly based on white labelling but for improving business ideas seo is merged. SEO refers to putting content in a manner to drive major client traffic into one webpage or a brand. So for this, a seo agency would come into the scene.

The work done by white label seo agencies is to provide seo services to the company they have signed a contract with. Their main aim is that the company should lose their clients.

Description About working together

Just consider that you have a company whose work is to look after the marketing issue. One of your clients is interested in digital marketing and also in the seo part. Now to keep up with that client, you may promise the client for the seo services. You can’t go off-track and learn seo services from scratch. You can then sign a seo company which would provide you with seo services so that you don’t lose your client. This is how white label seo helps you in keeping your clients.

How does it helps you?

It helps you in holding your clients. The whole seo work would be done by another seo company but would be provided by you to your client. This is how it helps you out. Your seo agency helps you out in a way so that it does not dull your company’s reputation. You can also let someone from your company who’s interested in seo more than marketing sits with the company and let him have the experience about it. Later on, that works well as a bonus for your company.

Dealing with the clients

Often the dealing with the client is done by your agency. The interaction with the client would be done by your respective company. You signed a seo company and would look after the seo perspectives. On the other hand, it sometimes happens that the seo agency would also work on the seo part and manage the clients at the same time. In this way, they are stretching their work and becoming an extension for you.  This will prove a boon for you as this will make your company look the most talented in the seo field. This also helps you eradicate the cost of hiring an expert.

The pricing systems

The seo agencies will charge you a sum of money for the services they provide. But you do get the perfect services that you pay for. There are 4 types in which seo agencies charge you:

  • Every month
  • On a Custom Basis
  • On an hourly basis
  • On Project basis 

Choosing the right seo agency

There are certain aspects to look into before signing them. The first comes from the experience they have. You should always look for the experience they have in the seo field. The second would be the transparency in their delivered services. They should be communicating clearly to you and should be true to their words.

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