Top Reasons To Create Facebook Custom Audiences

Did you know that with Facebook Ads you could contact your current clients or leads? If you have a customer database and want to contact them, you can do so with Facebook’s custom audiences. In addition, this tool allows you to create audiences with users of your website or mobile application. Using Facebook Custom Audiences helps you increase the performance of your campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

You should try to optimize your campaigns with more personalized and targeted audiences. The personalized public Facebook are people who have a relationship with your company may be potential existing customers or users who interacted with your business on Facebook or another platform.

Creating Your Customized Audiences

There are different ways that you can create your very own customized audiences. You can create custom audiences through:

  • Your database (or list of email addresses, phone number, among other information)
  • People who visited your website
  • People who used an app
  • People who interacted with your company on Facebook

By creating custom audiences, you can generate more specific segmentation and achieve loyalty or recruitment objectives.

Loyalty Actions

Now, we are going to mention the five recruitment and/or loyalty actions with personalized Facebook audiences.

  1. Create clones of your current audiences: The best way to attract new customers is to look for profiles similar to your current customers. You can do this with similar audiences (lookalike) to your custom audiences.
  2. Exclude Audiences in the segmentation: Imagine that you create a campaign to attract new customers by segmenting by interests. If you don’t want those ads to reach your current audience, you can simply exclude them.
  3. Convert Leads into customers: Get in touch again with customers who have shown interest in your products. Facebook can be less intrusive than a phone call.
  4. Customer campaigns: You can create campaigns to contact your current customers, offering them some kind of offer. This is done by generating ads only for your clients on Facebook.
  5. Croselling and/or Upselling Actions: You can even create more segmented audiences by-products and do crosselling or upselling actions. For example, you have a cooking school and you offer your students or alumni the “basic pastry course” to enroll in the “advanced pastry course.”


We hope that after reading this post you decide to optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns by creating Custom Audiences. If you don’t know exactly how to get started, and you want to create one for local SEO Austin, it is best to speak to an expert like MOTOZA SEO.

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