What Are My Options For Office Partitions?

 Whether you’re dividing up your part of your existing office environment to create a specific workspace or moving into a new building and planning a fresh start. It is essential to investigate what types of partitioning systems are available, what benefits they each produce and what may be best for your needs. Let’s take a look at the main available types of interior partition that are on the market today.

The Glazed Partition Option

A popular choice, the glazed partition, brings a contemporary modern look and a bright design solution; recent studies have shown that increased natural light improves staff output and mental health. Available in multiple options using either single or double-glazed partitions, they can give a high level of sound protection. The double-glazed partition gives acoustic performance up to 44 decibels. The glazed partition is a superb way to create the space you require while maintaining the open plan feel.

The Flexible Re-Usable Solution

If you want the option of moving or changing your partitioning, a great choice is called demountable partitions; they are essentially a non-permanent partition or modular arrangement that is movable, giving all the benefits of a regular partition with additional flexibility. The main difference with the demountable partition is the way they are attached to the adjoining floor, ceiling and walls; using an aluminium framework, they are easy to install or relocate. Drywall is a low-cost system that also has the added bonus of being classed as ‘plant and machinery so that you can claim capital allowances against your taxes.

Needing Additional Fire Protection?

The specific demands of your workspace may require an additional level of fire protection, or more simply, you wish to have extra protection to your fire evacuation routes; if this is the case, then there are partition options available to you. Fire regulations for most buildings stipulate a thirty-minute fire resistance for any partition product and must satisfy many different criteria such as integrity or insulation. Specialist Fire resistant partitions also have a high level of acoustic performance, up to 40 decibels.

Drywall As a Partition Solution

A further simple and cost-effective option is the drywall partition, this uses layered plasterboard attached to header and floor tracks with cavity insulation between the boards. This system gives a higher acoustic performance where the workspace requires it as the layered arrangement reduces noise travel through the room. It uses lightweight materials which can be fitted quickly as a solution to most partitioning applications.

The Benefits of Partitioning

If you were to invest in a partitioning system, you would bring several advantages to your workspace; they get a great deal of flexibility that can easily transform any office. The different options each have their own level of cost-effectiveness as they can be re-used either in the same space or somewhere new. Office partitions can be a welcome addition to many different types of areas to transform and refresh workspace to every-ones well being.

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