Which Printer Is Right for the Office?

One of the essential pieces of equipment for an office is a printer. Employees can use it to send letters to clients, invoices to customers, and print flyers for the business. However, choosing a printer isn’t always easy. After reading this information, it will be easier to choose the right printer for an office.

Choose a Printer Based on Features

When shopping for an office printer, look at its features, not the price tag. Too many buyers base their decisions on the cost of the equipment, not what the machine can do for them now and in the future. Some companies will quickly outgrow the equipment, leaving employees frustrated.

Features to Consider

When examining printers for the office, closely look at these features to decide if their capabilities fit the office demands:

  • Print speed
  • Paper tray capacity
  • Paper tray sizes
  • Collation
  • Ink type

Print Speed

Although a business may start with only two or three people, it can quickly grow, and the printer should be able to keep up with its demands. Knowing the print speed will ensure quick copies rather than the need to wait on a large print run to finish before someone else can use the machine.

Paper Tray Capacity and Paper Sizes

A paper tray that only holds 50 to 100 sheets of paper is useless in a busy office. Instead, look for paper trays that can hold half reams to full reams of paper, which is 500 sheets. Holding such large amounts of paper prevents needing to refill the tray while waiting on important documents to print.


If multi-page documents are typical print jobs, consider getting a printer that can collate. This ability will prevent hand sorting pages so they are in the correct order.

Ink Type

Small offices should carefully read what type of ink a printer uses. Some machines use toner, whereas others use inkjet cartridges. If the printer is seldom in use, try to find a small printer that takes toner cartridges. Not only does the ink in cartridges dry out, but toner is less expensive than inkjet cartridges.

Instead of buying a printer from a big box store, go to a local office equipment dealer. They give more personal service, have technicians to service the equipment, and they are glad to help business owners select the right printer for their needs.

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